Welcome to American Circus Headquarters

Back in the USA!

The American Circus has just returned from a thrilling and exhausting tour of the UK, Holland and Belgium, and I'd like to thank everybody who came out to the shows to sing and dance with us, as well as the kindhearted folks who gave the band a place to stay and helped us out along the way. It would've been weird and impossible without you. And of coarse, I would especially like to sing the praises of my brilliant and dedicated bandmates, who exploded night after night, only to reassemble the splinters and do it again in the next town. I don't know how they do it!


Curtis P. Eller

Visit the TOUR page to see when we'll be coming to your town, and as always, there are CD's, records, t-shirts and more available from the STORE page.

Please direct all UK booking inquiries to Polly Bolton at Strada Musicpolly.bolton@stradamusic.com

Please direct US booking inquiries to Bob Dustin at Flannel & Beard Booking: booking@flannelandbeard.com