The Bipeds "54 Strange Words"

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The Bipeds '54 Strange Words': Coming June 21-24. The Bipeds dance-theater company presents 54 Strange Words, an immersive music and dance spectacle. A scorching rock & roll band lead by banjo player Curtis Eller joins Choreographer, Stacy Wolfson’s cast of visceral, expressive dancers to present an intense, sepia-tinged, psychedelic song and dance production. The line between the dancers and musicians dissolves as the performers descend into a strange and mysterious world of nightmare imagery. Musicians become dancers, dancers become singers, and unhinged howls of wild abandon give way to moments of harmony and grace.

Tickets on sale HERE

The American Circus is diligently preparing new material for their imminent descent into the recording studio to begin work on their new album! Expect songs about Lenny Bruce, Harry S Truman, the 1967 Detroit rebellion and more. We'll post updates on our progress as the adventure unfolds.

Mr. Eller is now hosting a monthly, acoustic residency at Mystery Brewing Public House in Hillsorough, NC. Every third Friday, Eller will present a double bill with one of the many captivating performers he has been fortunate enough to share a stage with in his travels. Check the TOUR PAGE for full details!

Visit the TOUR page to see when The Circus will be coming  to your town, and as always, there are CD's, records, t-shirts and more available from the STORE page.

Please direct all UK booking inquiries to Polly Bolton at Strada

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