Curtis Eller’s American Circus (photo by  Alex Maness )

Curtis Eller’s American Circus (photo by Alex Maness)


About the Banjo Player

Curtis Eller is a banjo player, songwriter and rock & roll singer. A twenty-year show business veteran, Eller and his band The American Circus have developed a devoted international following based on dynamic, highly physical stage performances and an extensive catalog of curious phonographic recordings. The iconoclastic musician has spent more than a decade relentlessly touring the club, theatre and festival stages of North America and Europe.

Eller is a gifted and prolific songwriter who's banjo-driven songs describe a dreamlike vision of American history where all points in time have collapsed into one. The band is thrilled to announce the release of their latest and most ambitious full-length album, A Poison Melody, on which they have augmented their indelicate, rock & roll rhythms with a tempestuous cloud of horns and a graceless choir of backsliders in their quest to bring Eller's historically evocative compositions to vivid, cinematic life.


Meet the American Circus

Photo by Samantha Fien-Helfman

Photo by Samantha Fien-Helfman

DAna Marks

Dana Marks (vocals) is a singer, actor and the artistic director of Little Green Pig Theatrical Concern. The longest serving member of The American Circus, Dana can also be spotted behind the mic with Tom Merrigan’s Hot Raccoons and The Wiley Fosters.

Photo by Zoe Litaker

Photo by Zoe Litaker

Stacy wolfson

Stacy Wolfson (vocals) is a dancer, singer, choreographer and the artistic director of The Bipeds dance-theatre company. When not onstage with The American Circus or The Bipeds, Stacy can be found teaching Pilates at her studio, Bull City Pilates & Massage.

Photo by William Dawson

Photo by William Dawson

Hugh Crumley

Hugh Crumley (electric & upright bass) is a musically promiscuous, multi-instrumentalist. You will find Dr. Crumley playing early hot jazz, Hawaiian swing and rock & roll with a host of Durham outfits including The Eno Islanders and Huzzah!

Photo by Danika Hunt

Photo by Danika Hunt

Jack Fleishman

Jack Fleishman (drums) is a percussionist and multi-instrumentalist. In addition to his trap kit duties with The American Circus, young Mr. Fleishman plays bass VI, guitar and banjo with Chocolate Suede, The Wiley Fosters, Jennifer Curtis and more.


Steve Cowles

Steve Cowles (saxophone & flute) is a woodwind player who can be found gracing the bandstand with a score of Carolinian luminaries including Tom Merrigan’s Hot Raccoons, The Bulltown Strutters and D-Town Brass.


Currently Serving Members: Dana Marks (vocals), Stacy Wolfson (vocals), Jack Fleishman (drums), Hugh Crumley (bass), Steve Cowles (saxophone & flute)

Guest Players & Alumni: Joseph Dejarnette, Bradley Blackwell, Charlie Tophill, Kai West, William Dawson, Virginia Scare, Danny Grewen, Danny Abrams, Tom Merrigan, Chris Moore, Gary Langol, Rima Fand, Shea Broussard, Louis Landry, Doug Vuncannon, Liisa Yonker, Marilee Eitner, Tim Kaih, Michael Plunkett, Adam Budofsky, Elizabeth Walsh.

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